Metodologia / Methodology

This section provides a behind the scenes look into both our process as educators as well informs the viewer of the youth’s decision making process behind what they wanted to highlight, comment on, and critique about their communities.

Lesson Plans:

This section provides a detailed description of the lessons we conducted for each class over the course of 8 weeks.

We met twice a week often meeting in the classroom and then going out on film shoots within Cantagalo.

Classes focused on media production skills as well as theoretical concepts such as the power of media, visual inclusion, and the right to expression.


The Making Of:

What we see in the video letter is informed by the decisions youth made about what is important to them and what they want to change about their communities. This section aims to give a deeper context and understanding of the process behind creating the video letter.

We highlight the challenges youth faced in the filming process, as well as the specific human rights themes related to violence, security, and cultural discrimination that arose during class  discussions.

It also highlights the process of the youth  interviewing the police unit, called the U.P.P. (Pacification Police Unit) which has recently entered their community in order to control drug trafficking. Youth have had various experiences with this new police unit,  some positive, as well as some negative.

Please Click on Individual Tabs Above to Learn More about Lesson Plans and The Making Of


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