Family + History / Familia + Historia 

Lesson 9 July 1, 2010

Half way point of the project.

Reiterate the Meaning and Purpose of Video Letter.

Go over the outline we are thinking of using.

Talk to them about what else has come out of our discussion of community that they might like to include.

Lesson Plan: Family Interviews and Oral History of the Community.

Goal: Interview Family and Community Members of Different Generations:

Topics they might cover: History of Community, History of Family, Favorite Places, How have things changed?

Break up into small groups and have the students brainstorm some questions that they would like to ask their family member and/or elders in the community.

Some examples of questions may include:

How long have you lived here?

How has the community changed over the years?

What’s the story of your family coming here?

What is unique about Cantagalo?

Where does the name of your community come from?

Did you grow up here? What were your favorite places as a teenager?

How is it to be a parent here in the community? What are benefits and challenges?

In the second half of the class the students go out in the community and do and do oral history interviews with members of the community based on this questions.


Interview family members based on these questions.

Interview a neighbor or someone in your community that is elder.


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