Representation / Representação

  1. Re-introduce the video letter concept to the students.
  2. Show the Video Letter.

3. Facilitate a discussion about the film:

A..What did you like? what didn’t you like?

B..In what ways is your community different from or similar to this    community.

C.If you did one of these video letters what would you include?

**Write students answers down on the board.)

**Film the students while they are watching the video letter and talking about it.

  1. In preparation for the first homework assignment about the self. Have a short      workshop about identity and self-representation.

draw a circle with the word “I” in the middle of the blackboard. Brainstorm with the students about what they might use to represent themselves. i.e. hobbies, relationships, memories, activities, dreams, likes, etc. Write their answers down in the middle of other circles. Connect the circles with a line.

Show them introductory flip video we made of ourselves.

First Homework assignment. Give the first 3 flips out to 3 students. Have them introduce themselves using the ideas talked about in class.


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