Production Skills / Produção de um Filme

Introducing the Blog, 3 Chip Cameras, and Preparing to go out and film in the community.

1. Review and critique footage from homework assignments.

2. This class will be split into 3 work stations. The class will break up into 3 groups and rotate through the three stations.

Station 1- Three Chip Camera and Tripod. Until now we have only been working with the flip cameras. This has enabled us to focus primarily on style and content in the beginning. As we prepare to film in the community we introduce the 3-chip camera.  In this station one educator goes over the basic use and care of the camera and tripod.

Station 2 – Blog.

One educator introduces the blog and goes over the website with the students. In this station the students will also write a short bio of themselves and learn how to use the blog.

Station 3. Draw your community.

In this station we ask students to draw what they see and what they hear in their community. The idea is to get them to think in terms of audio and visuals. In addition, this exercise will help them begin to think about what they might like to include in their video letter.

The students will then share their drawings with the group. Next, we will have a discussion about what they would like to film when we go out as a group to film their community.


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