Define Community / Definição de Comunidade

Thinking Critically about community.

Interviewing workshop

Facilitate a discussion about community.

What is a community?

Who makes up a community, what makes up a community?

What do they like about their community? What would they like to change?

If they could change one thing about their community what would it be?

How have they sean their community change.

While the students are discussing this topic, write down some of the main ideas on the board.

Break the students up into two groups. In each group have them write down a few questions based on the class discussion. Have one student film, one student be the interviewer and one student be the interviewee, then switch.

Talk to them about interviewing techniques:

The importance of preparing for an interview but also improvising. Finding a balance.

Framing the interview. Eyeline.

Weather or not to have the interviewer in the shot or next to the camera.


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