UPP + Samba School / UPP + Escola de Samba 

UPP and Samba School/Bale Funk Interviews.

The topic of the UPP and Bale Funk parties came out of an earlier discussion we had with the students about their community. The UPP,  A new and special unit which has been put in place in Favelas after the military police have expelled the drug dealers, has been in Cantagalo for 6 months. The students voiced some of their concerns about the UPP’s presence. Among their objections was the fact that the UPP has outlawed the Bale Funk parties, a popular event that is associated with the drug trafficking culture.

As a result we have decided to conduct two interviews, one with the UPP and one with the Samba School. The Samba School is also the location of the Bale Funk parties. In addition, samba is a musical style that has come out of the Favelas and therefore fits in with overall topic of culture in the Favelas.

We begin the class with a brief discussion on Human Rights and the themes related to the UPP and Samba School. For example, violence, the right to security, free movement. The right to culture, self-expression, the right to gather. etc.

We brake the students up into two groups. One goes to the UPP and one to the Samba School. Brainstorm questions for the Interview.

Decide on Roles: Director, Sound, Camera person, B-roll camera, Interviewer.


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