Framing Techniques / Fazer um Plano

Using the Camera – Framing, Angles, background/foreground, different types of shots.

Handout Journals to each student.

Review the Footage from the first homework assignment.

Each student goes up and introduces their work.

Talk about what they did well and what they could improve.

Introduce the concept of framing. What do you include and what do you exclude. Talk to them about the difference between the eye and the camera.

Different types of shots, -“Close-up”, Medium shot, Long shot.

Different Angles, – Frog, Bird, Human. Persecutive on an object or activity.

Choosing a Background. Background/foreground.

After Reviewing this information break the students up into 3 groups.

In each group, one student films the same situation in 3 different ways. The student can choose to focus on types of shot, angles, or background.

In the meantime the other students can either preform an activity for the 1st student to film or suggest which object the student should film.

Review some of the footage at the end of the class.

Give the 3 flips to 3 other students. (Repeat this process every class)


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