Journalism + World Cup / Jornalismo+ Copa do Mundo

World Cup and Journalism Workshop.

This is the day of the first Brazil game in the World Cup. In Brazil, when the county plays in the World Cup the whole city stops and watches the game. School is cancelled, work is suspended, and all over the city people come together and enjoy the game.

We decided to have a class which focuses on the World Cup. We coupled this with a basic journalist interview workshop.

Go over the What?, Where?, When?, Why?, and How? model.

brake up in small groups and have the students brainstorm what other questions they would like to add to their interview, i.e. How do you feel about Brazil’s team, What do you like about the World Cup. etc..

We went out in our small groups (3 or 4) to film interviews on the street. One student films, the other is a journalist, one locates the interview, and one is the director (the director decides on background, angle, etc). After each interview the students switch roles.

The Journalist gives a short introduction to the interview based on the What? Where? When? Why? and How? model and then goes on to conduct the interview based on the questions the group developed.


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